The large scale salmonella braenderup outbreak that took place about a month ago that spanned many states and was linked to eggs from Rose Acre Farms, has gotten even larger according to experts at the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA).

The recall involves Nearly 210 million eggs as the outbreak expands. Walmart's popular "Great Value" brand is among the many eggs that have been recalled. According to authorities, 35 people across nine states have reported illness. 11 of the 35 have needed hospitalization, and thankfully no fatalities have occurred.

There have been 12 additional salmonella cases reported since the original recall about a month ago. As health workers investigate affected people regarding their exposure to salmonella, 22 out of 25 people said they ate shell eggs. 16 said they ate different egg dishes at various eateries. The FDA reports a number of retailers that stocked the eggs not just Walmart.

If you want to know if your eggs are part of the expanded recall, check the FDA’s website by clicking here.

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