Eric Church's latest Double Down Tour was suppose to end in June, but in March he announced that the tour would continue into the fall, and now he's coming to Connecticut on Saturday November 2nd.

In March Eric Church released a video to his "Church Choir" announcing that his 'Double Down' Tour would continue into the fall.

I don't want to quit yet. I don't want to be done yet. I don't want to be two months from the end of this thing, so we're going to play a little more.

Now it's your chance to win your tickets to be at the XL Center to see Eric Church.

Just be listening to KICKS 105.5 all this week at 6:40 AM, and play one of the fun morning show games. Here's what's happening each day:

  • Mon- Totally Obvious Trivia
  • Tues- Are You Smarter Then A 5th Grader
  • Wed- Where Is It (Name the Town)
  • Thurs- The Feud
  • Fri- Movie Trailer Trivia

If you win, you'll pick up a pair of tickets to be at the XL Center in Hartford on Saturday Night November 2nd to see this very special extended show.