Introducing a fresh new way to point out your dislike for the Governor of Connecticut.

If you truly want to express how deep your loathing goes for Governor Ned Lamont, all you have to do is layout $10 for a 'Ned Lamont $ucks' reusable bag designed by Taylor Viele from Wallingford according to

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Not only will you be showing your displeasure with the Connecticut governor but you'll be the proud owner of a handy-dandy reusable shopping bag. If you're looking for a fresh new conversation starter, this bag's for you. Viele said she was asked to make a custom Ned Lamont bag two months ago.

It just took off. They bought three  and they must have shared them with their friends. Hundreds of people were messaging me on Facebook that they wanted them.

If you're anything like my morning show partner, Lou and need to express deeper animosity towards Governor Lamont, there's always the NedLamontSucks website where their mantra is "Everywhere you go...everything you do...Ned is there to tax you."

If you find the hate you're feeling towards Governor Lamont is wearing you down, I hear that Florida (Florida, you say!) is the utopia you may be looking for. I'll even help you make that next step by suggesting the #1 long distance mover as rated by, International Van Lines.

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