Ed Sheeran was reportedly seen drinking a Guinness with his fiance at a pub in Branford, CT on Friday.

According to the New Haven Register. They stopped in Tommy Sullivan's Cafe for a drink after attending a local wedding and were later joined by others from the wedding party. The owner of the cafe, Maeve Sullivan, said he was very nice and took pictures with anyone who wanted to take one.

Look at that. Ed's just like you and I. He gets invited to weddings, goes for beers after weddings and takes pictures. That's cool. I like Ed Sheeran, his music is good. It's much less annoying than the large majority of the pop music that is available.

When I told a radio host from our sister station about this Ed Sheeran thing today, he freaked out. He is NOT a fan of Ed's music, it turns out. In fact, this is what he said to me word for word:

Who gives a ---- that Ed Sheeran was in a pub in CT!...OOOH, OOOH, I wouldn't give a ---- if he was in my bathroom!

First, this was a weird reaction, because it's very out of character for him to just start swearing about someone out of nowhere. Second, I think I would care a lot if Ed Sheeran appeared in my bathroom. I'd be concerned and I'd have a lot of questions.

I guess everyone reacts to celebrity encounters differently.

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