We have all seen the teaser promos of Survivor, Fear Factor or even the shows on the Food Network where the host travels to far reaches of the world to partake in some kind of crazy cuisine. I have often said that there is no way that I would ever be on one of these shows because, ugh, really? No thank you! While I am first generation American, there are certain Italian delicacies that my relatives will prepare that I steer clear from.

So, I found it interesting to see this Buzzfeed.com article about foods that deem you an adventurous eater. I took the quiz and the results were surprising. Apparently I am not afraid to go out of my comfort zone.

Here's the problem: there is still no way that I would sit down to a meal of certain so-called delicacies and I really think that they're pulling my leg here with some of the foods listed. Is wild rice really all that wild? Are coriander leaves downright radical? And Aubergine looks a heck of a lot like an eggplant to me.

If you want to see how you rate, you can Click here.

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