My friend, Jennifer Curti, is not only a cop in New York but she is also a big animal lover. It's one of the many things that we have in common.

With Spring right around the corner, breeding season is not far away. Have you noticed more feral cats than usual in your area? We can't take them all in or take care of them all but there is a way that you can help.

Reducing the numbers offers one of the best solutions. But how? Jen says:

Think about it, if one cat has 5 kittens, then those 5 kittens have 5 kittens each that is already 25 - now those 25 each have 5 thats 125 etc. Please help in any way you can, as little as $5 can make a big difference.  I work in College Point near the water & there are several colonies that need to be fixed. Last summer I got 11 cats fixed with 4 kittens adopted. I'm raising funds not only for their spay/neuter ($35 per cat) but also for food and medical supplies. Thank you in advance for any help & if you can't contribute could you please share.

If you'd like to help, click here. If you can share this artcle, it is also another great way to help. Doing what we can, no matter how small, has a lasting affect on these beauitful creatures who need our help.

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