Happy Earth Day!

Every year, April 22 is dedicated to Earth Day. The goal of Earth Day is to bring awareness to ending plastic pollution. Earthday.org has a lot of ways that you can help if you want to get involved.

This day is also a great excuse to reflect on the absolute beauty of what's in front of us and I thought today was the perfect day to reflect on some of the amazing things I've seen on this Earth.

I'm a huge National Park and mountain nerd, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show some love to the stuff I've seen through my own lens. Every National Park I go to, it is a known rule to leave the park cleaner than you found it and to take out anything you bring in.

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Earth Day coincides with National Park Week, so if you plan on going to any National Parks this week, there is a different theme per day to go along with the health and education of the parks. All information can be found on nps.gov. Today's theme is Earth Day and to "join the global celebration encouraging education and stewardship of the planet's natural resources." It's also said that many parks are hosting volunteer events.

Now I know I have only been to a very few, but I just started. It's now a goal of mine to visit as many National Parks as possible. A list came out about the best summer vacations in the country, and a lot of these made the list.

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Now, here's a look through my lens of some of my favorite views on this Earth.

Earth Day Look Book: Exploring Nature's Beauty Through National Parks

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