You don't need to be a "Mind Reader" to figure out what Dustin Lynch is singing about in his latest release. Woah! This song is scorching hot. Coming off of the success of his last hit, Dustin Lynch goes straight for the caliente'.

When I first heard the opening chords I immediately liked thought this would be his next hit. Dustin Lynch holds nothing back with Seein' Red. It's a very sexy, no holds barred kind of song. Check out just a sampling of some of the lyrics:

I'm talking red hot, red kiss
Falling off your lips
I'm talking red hot, red dress
Hanging on your hips
I'm talking backseat heartbeat
Pounding in my chest
I'm seein' red (I'm seein' red)
I'm seein' red (I'm seein' red)

Woah -- down boy!

It's a great song, I already love it. You'll hear its debut on KICKS 105.5 this week. If you want to see Dustin in action, here's the video:

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