Well now, isn't this a happy Friday? Frozen coffee for everyone! Just in time for the summer temperatures, there is an all new frigid jolt to all ready for you to try.

Dunkin Donuts certainly knows how to celebrate the end of the week. I uncovered an amazing discovery on extracrispy.com. The report that Dunkin Donuts is not only launching a new frozen coffee drink but they're giving them away for free!

Today, between 10:00am and 2:00pm you can try their new frozen coffee drink and it's on them. This is not your ordinary coffee frappa-milkshake. This new icy drink is iced coffee that is put in a blender and spun to reach the consistancy of a slushie type drink.

This drink is geared toward real coffee lovers. They will even add some flavor shots to your drink if you so desire. This ain't your grandma's java. This is an all new kind of arctic joe.


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