Hudson Valley town asks residents to avoid mowing their lawns for the whole month of May, here's why...

As warmer months arrive in the Hudson Valley many of us have begun the process of getting our yards into shape for the season. Most weekends in April and early May you will see most neighborhoods filled with folks out in their yards picking up whatever is left from a long winter. Another thing we will see and/or hear is the sounds of lawnmowers racing up and down lawns as everyone starts mowing their lawns for another year. If you live in one Ulster County town, the town is asking residents to avoid mowing, for now.


Ulster County Town Asks Redsients to STOP Mowing

That's the message from town officials in the Town of New Paltz, New York as they are preparing to participate in "No Mow May" according to the town's Facebook page. The post explained that the town is asking residents to avoid mowing their lawns in the month of May to help create habits for pollinators and other wildlife. The town also announced that they are currently printing signs that residents can purchase to place in their yards for the month of May to show that they are participating in a cause that is getting traction across the country. Each sign in New Paltz will cost $9 and can be ordered by emailing: or by calling 845-255-0604 x126, if you call please leave your name and contact information.

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Town of New Paltz/Facebook
Town of New Paltz/Facebook

What is No Mow May?

"No Mow May" is a program that has begun asking people across the country to pause mowing their lawns for the month of May. The hope is that if people pause mowing for May, it will allow flowers to bloom in lawns which will help early-season pollinators (bees) and according to some it could help your lawn grow healthier. The start of the growing season is a critical time for pollinators and by allowing grass to grow longer, and letting flowers bloom, your lawn can provide nectar and pollen to help your bee neighbors thrive according to Bee City USA. Mowing less creates habitat and can increase the abundance and diversity of wildlife including bees and other pollinators.

Are Any Other Hudson Valley Towns Doing No Mow May?

Organizers understand that No Mow May doesn't work for everyone but are asking the people that it does work for to please give it a try this year. Are any other Hudson Valley towns participating in No Mow May? Let us know through the Wolf Country app.

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