With all the hustle and bustle of Halloween fun don’t forget your pets. The ASPCA gives us some friendly advice to make sure our furry friends are safe throughout.

Dog Halloween Parade in NYC
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The biggest threat to our animals is Halloween candy. Keep the candy bowl out of reach of pets. Chocolate can be dangerous for dogs and even cats. Halloween decorations, especially ones that shine may be attractive to cats, so be sure they are out of reach as well. Dogs can chew the wires for lighted décor, which is a serious danger. Candles and jack o lanterns need to be in a safety zone as well, because pets could knock them over. If your dog or cat is anxious around lots of people, you may want to keep them in a separate room during the trick or treat hours. Most of all, be sure they have their ID tags on, just in case they happen to get loose on Halloween night. If you’re dressing pets up, make sure the costume isn’t too restrictive.

It’s good to have the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center number handy. 888-426-4435. Most of all Enjoy!

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