This a reminder that happy endings are possible!

Back in November, we told you about a dog that was left abandoned and tied to the front gate of a New York animal shelter. The shelter shared the story on social media hoping that they would be able to find any information about the dog or possibly find it a new home.


Dog Abandoned at Shelter

It was early Saturday morning on November 5th, 2022, when the folks at Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, NY shared on Facebook that a beautiful pitbull mix was left abandoned and tied to their front gate. The post read, "This poor sweet girl was left chained to the front door of our shelter Adopt-a-Dog in Armonk, NY Saturday early morning on 11/05/22. We are hoping by some miracle that she was found or stolen and then dumped and that there is someone looking for her or a rescue who recognizes her."

After months of sharing the story and the picture above, we learned that "Seasame", who is approximately 7-9 years old is no longer calling the Armonk shelter home.

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Abandoned Dog Finds Forever Home

After almost five months the Armonk shelter has informed us that Sesame "has landed herself an amazing forever home"!! We received an update from Jackie who told us,

"I volunteer with Adopt-A-Dog animal shelter in Armonk and I wanted to share we have a positive update. Pitbull Sesame has found her forever home!"

She told us that Seame was recently adopted into a loving family and is settling in great and she has a new name, Violet! According to the Adopt-a-Dog Facebook page, Violet now has "a new fur brother to play with, and her mom and dad adore her!" The shelter also wanted to thank Violet's new parents, "Thank you Deedie & family for choosing adoption (especially an older dog) and giving her a wonderful forever home!" The shelter also said, "A special shout out to Sesame's awesome foster parents Neil & Jen for stepping up and giving Sesame a loving, stable foster home while she waited for her forever to come along!

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