Being asked random questions is one of the things I love most about about an average day and today I was asked a question that I don't think I've ever put much thought into. Tim texted us and wants to know if a husband a wife can use the same bar of soap? He said his wife thinks is beyond gross for them to share soap in the shower and he's wondering if anyone agrees with her?

First Tim, I had no idea that people are still using bar soap in 2021, LOL, I thought most people use that liquid bath wash nowadays, but if your house still uses bar soap is it gross to share?

Cheryl texted us, "I too grew up where we had one bar of soap in tub. We never thought twice about it. I always rinsed the soap off before using it. People have to much time on their hands to think."

I grew up in the same type of household, when it was shower time we all used the same soap. I lived by the rule that the first thing you do when you get in the shower is, wet your body and rinse of the bar of soap before you start washing your body with it. The soap rinse got anyone's else "funk" off of it and I figured that anyone that used it after me did the same thing.

Dare texted us, "Soap… nope… I have my soap and my wife has her poof gel" Now if your house uses liquid soap, does everyone have their own shower "poof" or washcloth? Or does everyone use the same one? At my house we all use the same "poof" and now I feel like I'm dirty and teaching my kids the wrong way to shower...LOL!

What do you guys think? John texted, "Shouldn’t be any issue using same soap or poof. If they are doing what they should be doing in the bedroom, then the soap or poof isn’t going anywhere they haven’t been." BOOM!

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