What do you get when you Google search: New York Jets Owner? The answer will leave you either mad or mad with laughter.


Tom Brady’s picture is what your search will yield as we speak. It's no joke,  and no, Tom Brady is not the new owner of the team. It’s some kind of crazy Google glitch that the Google people refuse to comment on according to ESPN.com.


Of course the owner for the past 17 seasons is also the new nominee for United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Woody Johnson.


These Google search results are most likely suggesting that Tom owns the New York Jets as far as Wins over the team, which he holds a 24-8 record so it's not literally "owning" the team. Boy between that and the Jets Butt Fumble—this is painful. We hope this whole glitch is not a sign of what's ahead for the New York Jets and the upcoming season.

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