I'm sure just about everyone has always been a little curious about the taste of dog biscuits. Maybe you even tried a small bite once when you were giving one to your dog.

Today (February 23rd) happens to be National Dog Biscuit Day. To celebrate I brought in a few of those treats that my dogs love so much. You know most dogs will do just about anything for a dog biscuit, and that's gotta make you wonder how good they must really taste.

So in honor of the day I decided to chow down on one, and you know me, I hate to eat alone, so I figured I would share a few with some of the office staff.

It's interesting the looks you get from people when you offer them a dog biscuit. It's very different from the looks I get from my dogs when they see I have one.

Now I wasn't expecting anyone to get into that hyper excited state or to start to drool, but for some it was like I was trying to get them to eat something toxic. Then there were others, obviously dog owners, who didn't think twice about noshing on one. Heck, most dog biscuits are made by the same company's that make breakfast cereal, so they can't be all that bad....or can they:


Speaking of Dogs, I was at the Grand Opening of Danbury's Dog Park a few months ago.


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