I never thought that the simple task of ordering a pizza with my kids would be the start of a weekend-long argument that still hasn't been put to bed, maybe you can help end it?

Ordering a pizza is supposed to be the easy road to take when you want to get a quick meal, right? Not if you live in a split household like I do when it comes to pizza toppings. Most times when I get a pizza, it's just for me. So I give a call to my favorite pizza spot in Poughkeepsie (Gino's) and I order it the same way almost all the time. I go with anchovies, onions, garlic, and sometimes pepperoni and/or sausage. (Yup breath for days!!!)

Now I haven't ordered pizza in a while with my kids, so when we went to do it over the weekend I told them I would order it half the way I like and half the way they like it (plain). Seems fair right? Not according to both of my kids! They both started telling me that if I order anchovies or onions on my half, their half will be ruined with my flavors.

WHAT? That doesn't happen, does it?

I argued with them that it would be fine and they should just trust me. They wouldn't let it go so I ordered it the way they like it so we could just move past it and in case if they were possibly right, I would be stuck having to find something else for them to have for dinner. If you're a parent, you understand where I'm coming from.

So I let it go with them, but have to ask you...when you order a pizza with anyone else and decide to split the pie in half does the flavors of the one-half ruin the other? Call or text me through the Wolf country app and check back here for some of the Hudson Valley's thoughts.

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