At a press conference today (March 28) in Hartford, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton’s doctors said that the Connecticut gubernatorial candidate collapsed two weeks ago because he failed to take his prescribed anti-seizure medication.

Boughton's team originally said that the March 15th issue was because the Mayor was suffering from dehydration. After undergoing surgery to remove a benign brain tumor last year, his collapse left many worrying about his health. However, reports that at a press conference in Hartford today, doctors explained that the mayor missed several doses of the anti-seizure medication, Keppra. They said that Boughton was dehydrated and that a seizure is much more likely when the body is lacking necessary hydration and stated that the mayor has a clean bill of health.

"If you’re going to disqualify a candidate for anything, based on a condition like this, then you should probably disqualify (high cholesterol) and (high blood pressure) even more so. If you have uncontrolled hypertension or a calcium (buildup), it’s a great cardiovascular risk of, say, 10 percent chance of having a heart attack over the next 10 years. That’s much more significant than any seizure disorder, whether it be idiopathic or related to surgery.” - Dr. Spyros Smith, Danbury Medical Group

Also on hand today was the surgeon who removed a brain tumor the size of a lemon from behind the mayor's left ear. Dr. Robert Friedlander was made available via teleconference from the University of Pittsburgh, who also confirmed the good news that our friend, Mayor Mark, is in good health.

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