As a guy, I'm shocked that underwear is another thing that ladies of the Hudson Valley have to worry about that we guys don't really have to.

Sometimes the most random questions come up on our radio show and when they do they always lead to something that I had no clue about. This morning I simply asked if you were to think about it, how many pairs of underwear do you think you have at home right now?

The question hit me the other day while I was doing laundry. I thought if I bought more underwear maybe I wouldn't have to do laundry as much as I do. I have 7 pairs of underwear in regular rotation so I have to do laundry at least once a week. The more I have the longer I can go without running out of clean underwear. Makes sense right?

As I share this with Jess on the radio show, she agreed that it might work but it's so different for ladies when it comes to underwear. She said that she has over 20 pairs of underwear at home but the issue is that she has different categories of "panties". Wait...WHAT? Please explain...


Female Panty Catagories

According to Jess, ladies have regular "work panties, workout panties, and the special going out panties" WOW! She wasn't alone as many Hudson Valley listeners called in to share that they also have categories for their panties. Ann called from Poughkeepsie and told us that she has 50 pairs of panties and breaks them into similar categories like Jess including gym, sleeping, work (so no panty lines show), and the sexy going out panties. She told us those are the ones she'll wear when she wants to feel special or "I'm hoping they will come off"...LOL!!

Daniele from Newburgh texted, "Of course, there are different categories of underwear! There's cozy underwear for laying around, there are some pairs for date nights and different ones for different outfits! You can't wear cozy underwear with tighter dress pants or dresses, you need something that won't give you giant granny panty lines under tight pants!"

Forgive me if I'm asking a dumb man question but why wouldn't ladies always want to feel special? Why not wear special ones all the time. Jess and almost every other lady in the Hudson Valley had the same answer, "the sexy panties are not comfortable!!"

I will now add the underwear dilemma to the list of reasons why it is so much easier to be a guy...LOL! How many pairs of underwear do you have at home? Do you categorize them? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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