The debate on whether transgender athletes can compete in girls High School sports was given a boost over the weekend.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed last year, that would have banned any transgender athletes from being able to compete along side girls in any high school sport.

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The decision was applauded by the CIAC, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, who currently allows students to compete in any high school sport based on their gender identity.

According to, the lawsuit centered around Title IX, the federal law that requires equal opportunities for women and girls in education, including sports. The lawsuit was filled by four athletes claiming that having transgender athletes compete along side them would be an unfair advantage. Of course, they are not happy with the current decision and their attorney's plan to issue an appeal. However, the federal judge responsible for the ruling, Judge Robert Chatigny, said at this point there is no conflict to resolve.

For the most part, the lawsuit was dismissed due to the fact that there was no conflict since two of the transgender athletes named in the suit have already graduated, and no other transgender athletes could be identified by the plaintiffs.

After the ruling was announced, The Alliance Defending Freedom, who is representing the plaintiffs, released a statement from one of the girls stating that it was "discouraging" and that "she doesn't have a fair shot at victory".

Despite the verdict and the judge's comments, the group has plans to challenge the verdict in the U.S Court of Appeals.

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