The problem with binge watching a show and then catching up to where it is in present time is that once you are right there with the rest of the planet and watch the cliffhanger, you are right there waiting just like everyone else asking your television buddy, "what do you want to watch?"


That's what This Is Us did to me. This was the scene in my living room last night:

Hubby: What are we watching?

Me: I don't know what do you want to watch?

Hubby: (hands me the remote as if I know what to do with it) This is your job tonight, you make the decision, I'm not making any more decisions today.

Me: (looking at the remote like it's an artifact from another world) I'm not making this decision, you decide!

Hubby: OK, then leave the basketball game on.

Me: (clicking the remote feverishly looking for anything knowing that he is silently grinning to himself in victory)

Lesson learned, today I scour the internet looking for more shows to binge watch. The next time that remote is handed over, I will know what to do.

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