Whenever we report the passing of someone it's a sad day. But in this unusual incident involving a woman's death in Redding, it's beyond sad.

I love dogs. Tons of us love dogs. But the truth of the matter is that sometimes they can turn on us. The reasons are varied. When I was about seven years old, our dog bit me in the face, very close to my eye. To say my parents freaked out is an understatement. But honestly, it was my fault. The dog was sound asleep at my mom's feet. I got right down on the floor next to her and put my face right next to her little poochie face to give her a kiss goodnight. Seems I frightened her awake, she snapped, and caught me near my eye. Even though she had never been a vicious dog my parents struggled with what to do.

Who knows what exactly caused this tragic incident in Connecticut over the weekend involving a pet and a death.

In a story from newstimes.com  Redding police officers are investigating the death of a woman and what caused the attack on Friday night. According to the story the officers went to the, as of now, unidentified woman's home to find her being attacked by her own dog.

Sadly, the woman did die at Danbury Hospital, where she had been transferred with serious injuries, said police. According to newstimes.com, Police Chief Doug Fuchs said they are waiting for the results of the autopsy for the official cause of death, which could take up to six weeks. The death is an ongoing investigation and police say the cause might not have been the dog bite. Police are working on the case with the state and town’s animal control. The dog will remain in animal control’s custody during the investigation.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the woman and her family. Hopefully the police will be able to find out exactly what happened to initiate the horrible turn of events, and give the family closure.

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