I think they just took advantage of my "tipping" etiquette.

If you've ever used one of the numerous food delivery services that are available in the Hudson Valley, you already know that the cost to have food delivered is out of control!!! But sometimes you just have to do it, that's what I decided to do last night and today I feel like my delivery person scammed me.

It was a lazy Monday night with me and my lady friend plopped down on the couch watching season 3 of Yellowstone. We're trying to get caught up for the big premiere of season 4 coming up in November and to NOT interrupt our watching flow, I opened the Uber Eats app on my phone and ordered some dinner.

We ordered burgers and fries from Hurricane Grill in Poughkeepsie and once the order went through the app told me that my food would be arriving in like 25 minutes. Pretty normal delivery time, the thing that stood out to me was that the app said my delivery person was riding a bicycle.

When I saw that she was riding a bike, I flashed back to being a kid riding my bike all over delivering newspapers and thought I need to tip this lady BIG because I appreciate the effort! I think most of us give bigger tips in situations like this, so I clicked on the 30% tip and waited for my food.

While waiting I went outside to walk my dog and as I was walking him, the app told me that she would be arriving in a minute on her bike to drop off my food. I looked around and didn't see anyone on a bike, but I did see a car pull up.

A lady got out of the car with a bag of food and walked up to my door and left it. SHE DROVE A CAR!! Where's the BIKE? Once I got back in the house and grabbed the food, we sat down to eat and I couldn't help but feel like she kind of ripped me off because she wasn't riding a bike. I tipped her so much because all I thought of was her riding up the big hill on Innis Ave in Poughkeepsie, just to bring my lazy butt dinner.

Someone needs to give me back my extra 5 bucks!! Kidding of course, but I do feel like she kind of scammed me. What do you think?

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