The weather is on everyone's mind. How many times did you talk about today's heat? Hot enough for ya? What does that even mean?

How does one answer such a question? Yeah, it's hot enough for me? No, it's not hot enough for me? Why are you asking me stupid questions when it's so hot?

I took our station vehicle out for a spin today at lunchtime. As I cruised through the sleepy little town of Brookfield, Connecticut on this sweltering spring day, reminicent of a sizzling summer day. The kind of day which graces us as we delve halfway through the Gregorian calendar (woah, calm it down there Ms. Let's Paint a Picture with Way Too Many Descriptive Words). I looked down at thermometer in the KICKScruiser and much to my surprise, it was registering three digits:

KICKScruiser Thermometer
KICKScruiser Thermometer

Thankfully, there is AC in both the KICKScruiser and the on-air studio, Oh, look at the time! Gotta go, I've got some cool country music to play.

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