Every year, Americans set a new, consumer chicken wing record on "Big Game Sunday". This year, we are set to outdo ourselves again and the National Chicken Council estimates that we will eat a projected 1.42 billion chicken wings.

Typically, parties throughout the country drive the chicken wing sales on this quasi national holiday of ours, or so we thought. Despite the fact that football parties will be down dramatically on February 7th 2021, we will eat more wings, not less.

According to PR Newswire this new wing record will represent a 2% rise over the "big game" stats from last year. I love chicken wings, I love eating chicken wings and I love the "big game".

I also love the National Chicken Wing council who conducts these studies. I became familiar with their work a few years back and I appreciate them for making these figures available.

Without their annual data dump, I would not have learned the following:

  • 1.42 billion wings laid end to end would stretch 19 times from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Florida, you say? 
  • Americans prefer (72%) french fries overall as a side to wings.
  • 1.42 billion wings is 4 for every person in the country.
  • "Wings" are the preferred "Big Game Sunday" meal in every state but one, Maine. They prefer lobster.

I'll be singin', flingin' and wingin' on Sunday February 7 and I obviously will not be alone. There is no better feeling than giving yourself the day off from worrying about what you eat and no better day to do it than the one we all celebrate, every year, where they play football and no one can say the name without being sued.

P.S. I love Maine but this is one of the worst metrics I've ever read about the state. Cut the crap with the lobster for 5 mins, would ya? 

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