After all the "pros and cons" debates, and all the planning, it turns out there will be no Off-Track Betting branch coming to Danbury, as Sportech discontinues its project.

The plan was to have an OTB parlor located in Two Steps Downtown Grill on Ives Street in Danbury. Sportech Venues Inc. was to have the contract, and construction was to begin at Two Steps to make room and turn their upstairs dinning area into an OTB location.

Common Council President Joe Cavo was surprised by the sudden change of plans.

We put a lot of work into this project and so did the Sportech Company, you work everything out, and now this, it was a little unexpected. We had a number of public hearings and long zoning meetings getting the final approval so they could have exclusive OTB use in Danbury, and then things changed in the company during the process. Because of their sale, everything is on hold.

We asked Joe if the city would go out and actively seek another company to take over this project.

The problem is there are no other company's that do what Sportech could do. They had the exclusive rights in the state of Connecticut to be the only ones to be able to operate an OTB facility. Maybe one of the buyers in this deal, if their successful in selling, will come to Danbury, and since all the groundwork is done, they may want to continue the process where Sportech left off.

So as of now, those who were not in support of OTB in Danbury can breath a sigh of relief. For those in favor, they may have to wait a while before being able to place their bets.

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