Innerbody recently (2023) conducted a study to find the most festive Christmas states in America.

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They analyzed Google Data looking for searches for things like "Christmas decorations," "Christmas songs," and "wrapping paper." Using this data they say they were able to come up with the most festive states and the Grinch-iest states. Here is what they found:

Top 10 Most Festive States

1. West Virginia

2. Idaho

3. Utah

4. Nebraska

5. New Hampshire

6. Missouri

7. Wisconsin

8. Kansas

9. Kentucky

10. Montana

Connecticut landed at #35 on the list & New York was #50. 

The 5 Grinch-iest States

1. New York

2. Florida

3. Hawaii

4. Maryland

5. Nevada

Inner Body
Inner Body

Other key findings include:

  • “Ugly Christmas sweater” surpassed “Christmas Eve” as the most popular Christmas-related search term. (Folks in the Midwest, in particular, love to search for ugly Christmas sweaters.)
  • West Virginia takes the crown for “Most Festive State” in the U.S.
  • Warm weather states Florida and Hawaii remain in the bottom five again this year for their number of Christmas-related searches online.
  • Secret Santa gift exchanges are more popular than White Elephant.

This is horse manure if I've ever seen it. We only need the eye test to know that Connecticut is unrivaled for it's Christmas spirit.

Look at the charm and Christmas warmth of towns like New Milford, Ridgefield and Kent. You have places like Essex, Connecticut which was ranked the 7th most Magical Christmas town in America by Country Living. Then, I-95 recently recognized the Most Magical Christmas Towns in Connecticut, places like Litchfield, Mystic and Torrington.

I just took my family to Stamford for a walk in their Christmas village and was on the verge of tears while soaking in the holiday spirit.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

You can show me all the data you want about how many people Googled "wrapping paper" but it won't change what I know, there is nothing like a Christmas in Connecticut.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Everyone needs to calm down and stop saying things like West Virginia is the best. Connecticut takes it on the chin in so many studies and in many cases, we deserve it but we are #1 for Christmas. You can call us preppy, entitled, overrated, call us a------s but don't dare say we don't know how to be festive as all get out.

If the Greater-Danbury Area Towns Were Christmas Movies

When this topic came up in our office, my ears perked right up. The question was simple “If Greater Danbury Towns Were Christmas movies, which would they be and why? It’s so simple and yet so complex, it made no sense and gave me a topic to argue with my friends. I was so excited about it, I wrote them down, and this is the list: 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen Before

We all know that selecting a movie for a group of people is not easy and that is how you found yourself here, asking advice from an angry radio personality. On paper, I’m not fit to make decisions for myself, let alone an entire group of strangers. But, you are in the right place because to quote Dwight Schrute “I know everything about film, I’ve seen over 240 of them.”

You’ve found yourself at a common roadblock, one or more of your family members have decided they want to watch a movie they’ve never seen before. You suggested “Elf” and someone said, “not again”, you said we can watch “Home Alone” and someone groaned “nooooo.”

What Christmas movie can you watch that you’ve never seen before? These are 5 Underrated Christmas Movies Your Family Has Probably Never Seen. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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