Three of my friends and I are going on an excursion. We are getting cattoos.

What are cattoos you ask? A cattoo is a cat tattoo. This is when we all realize how indecisive we can be.

For weeks, we have been talking about it, researching, tracing and even trying to draw them by hand. This was when I came to the absolute conclusion that if I were a tattoo artist, my family would starve and we would most likely live in a box somewhere. I can't even trace.

So, with that being said, so far I have not come up with a specific design, but I am getting close. You can see what I've traced and drawn, and just when I feel like I have the exact drawing, I see something else or get another idea.

Do you have a cattoo? What does yours look like? Send me a picture, I'd love to see it.

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