"That'll wake you up." That is what I always say after a near miss car accident.

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Well, first it's the F word a hundred times and then I say "that'll wake you up." One woman got woke in a hurry recently when a merging car in Norwalk didn't bother to yield and she captured all the action on her dashcam.

This video was posted to the Connecticut Reddit page by u/djdeforte who wrote "Connecticut really does have the worst drivers. This one tried to ruin my wife's day."

One of the comments in the thread narrowed the action down from CT to a more specific location, Norwalk. The person must have recognized the intersection and asked if it was CT Avenue in Norwalk and the poster replied "Yea right on the corner where CVS is."

But that was not all we learned, Reddit reacted in a variety of hilarious ways, these are some of my personal favorites.

tonysnight wrote:

"I poop at Best Buy all the time."

professor_doom wrote:

"I've driven around the country for a living and no particular state has the worst drivers. There are terrible drivers in every state. I've learned that stereotyping is a waste of time. That said, f--- the Hutch forever."

Nickbabz58 wrote:

"Reasons I installed a train horn."

vegeta8300 wrote:

"I just moved to Cape Cod about a year ago after having lived in CT most of my life. I did notice quite a lot of bad drivers in MA, especially on the Cape. Of course, CT has its fair share. But, one thing I noticed is people drive worse in CT no matter where they are from. It's like once people cross into CT their driving ability drops. It also seems to be drivers of all ages too. It's not like just young drivers are bad. It seems to have gotten worse in recent years."

kobemustard wrote:

'I've driven in multiple states and countries and have never seen drivers as bad as CT. I'm just surprised accidents aren't more common."

Raisontolive wrote:

"30 minutes ago, a huge PU truck with a confederate sign in the front pulled within 1 inch of my bumper in Trumbull. Like the sign on my back window said I would, I slowed down to a crawl. He gave me the finger. The sign says, "The closer you get, the slower I drive". After he read the sign, he dropped back. Best money I ever spent."

buried_lede wrote:

"haha, tortoise wins and the South falls again."

send-noobs wrote:

"I saw this sign where it states, 50 years ago the owner's manual of a car showed you how to adjust the valves. Today it warns us not to drink the content of the battery."

Utterlybored wrote:

"In their defense they probably were responding to an important text."

SuperPeachGuy wrote:

"As bad as this was I’m conditioned to find this underwhelming."

That was fun but most of the thread became a lighthearted debate about whether the statement rings true - are CT drivers the worst? The reactions were split at least 50/50 between agreeing strongly and presenting a case for another place. Some of the other opinions shared talked about bad drivers in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

I lived in New York for most of my life but I've spent the last 15 years in CT, and it's worse, I'm sorry to say it but the Nutmeg State is bad, awful, the worst, the pits.

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