In what has become a sign of the times, another local school is forced to temporarily close due to two COVID-19 positive cases.

It's a week of virtual learning for all students at Immaculate High School as two students have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to, the students did contract the virus outside of the school, but the Danbury Health Department did recommend the school shut down for at least a week.

Since the cases were reported on Monday, (Sept. 28), the school nurse sent out a message to all parents saying the school was going to remain closed until October 8, but since that Friday was a teacher retreat and Monday is Columbus Day, the High School will not re-open until October 13.

The Catholic School's President, Mary Maloney, told how the school was handling the positive cases:

We’ve done all that we can internally and we’re just cooperating with DPH (Danbury Department of Health), who is recommending we take this action. The school is reviewing its protocols and expects to break lunch into three waves instead of two in order to decrease the number of students in the area at one time. The dining hall can fit 100 students using social distancing guidelines, according to the schools reopening plan. Parents have been very good at cooperating and so have the students in the building.

Both school and local health officials have been reaching out to those who may have come in close contact with the students who tested positive.

Immaculate now becomes the third Greater Danbury school that has had to deal with students testing positive for COVID-19. Both New Milford and Newtown High School had cases reported during the first week of school. New Milford closed for two days, however Newtown did not close or switch to virtual learning after cases there.

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