His name is Devan Alexander, he's 14 years old, and from Danbury. All of that sounds like a lot of local teens, but what is definitely out of the ordinary is that he's also been competing on the wildly popular TV show American Ninja Warrior Junior.

Not only is Devan competing, but he's doing very well, recently advancing to the quarterfinals in the competition, which airs Saturday nights at 7 PM on the Universal Kids channel.

Devan is a big chess player, but obviously has a more adventurous side, being a "ninja warrior," and he's showing off his skills on the show. He's actually been getting himself ready for the show for a while and has even joined the ninja gym, Ninja Mania in Danbury. When he can't get to the gym, he does his workouts at home on a mini ninja course he has set up in his garage.

According to nhregister.com, he was featured during the first episode of the show's second season on February 29, and he's one of just five people in his age bracket (13-14 year old) to remain on the show.

The show has three different age brackets, and one winner from each bracket will be crowned the American Ninja Warrior Junior champion during the season finale on June 13.

Here's a look at all the contestants from Season 2, (Devan's segment starts at 6:27) 

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