Think back to fourth grade. Do you remember your teacher? Your friends? The kind of music you listened to?

When you hit that 9 to 10-year-old mark, it's a big thing in your life. You're not a little kid any more. You're reading and developing friendships -- maybe even thinking about who you will become someday.

Every child has dreams, but not every child has the same chance.

Mrs. B is a fourth grade teacher at Ellsworth Avenue Elementary School in Danbury who teaches underprivileged kids and tries to instill a love of reading into them. She is trying to make a difference in their lives, and has embarked on a project called "Empowering Underprivileged Students to Adore Reading." She is asking for donations of series books, historical fiction and nonfiction books:

Reading quality literature will take them places they have never been before, opening up a whole new world. The materials requested are part of a plan to get my underprivileged students interested in reading—especially books in a series. The series book should entice them to WANT to go to the public library with their families to get the next installment of the text. Through the students' own desire to read more about a character or topic, they will be the catalyst to get the family involved in taking them to the local public library, which in turn, could inspire and empower other siblings as well as parents to check out books and open a new world!

You can help! Here's a link where you can read more of her story and donate books of your own to help these amazing kids who inspire her every day:

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