Police say a knife-wielding man was shot by an officer in Danbury.

During a press conference right off of I-84 near exit 2 on Wednesday afternoon, July 3, Danbury Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour provided an update that included some preliminary details regarding the shooting.

According to Chief Ridenhour, Danbury officers responded to reports around 8:44 AM on Wednesday that several people inside of MCCA Drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located at 38 Old Ridgebury Rd. were being assaulted. After police searched the general vicinity and surrounding area of the facility, they say they encountered a white male, believed to be in his 30s, in a recreational area near Old Ridgebury Rd. and Reserve Rd. around 10:45 AM.

At the time of the encounter, police say the male was armed with two large knifes and when officers approached him, he refused all orders to stop and drop the weapons. At some point during that exchange, one of the officers discharged their weapon, shooting the man. He was reportedly treated at the scene before being transported to Danbury Hospital.

Although police have not yet identified the man who was shot in the incident, he was reportedly conscious and speaking at the scene, As of this writing, the male's current condition in unknown and police believe he is not a resident of Danbury.

No officers were injured during the incident and there is currently a separate investigation being conducted regarding the initial assault at the MCCA treatment facility.

As per the both the State of Connecticut and Danbury's departmental policy, the Danbury State's Attorney is overseeing the investigation which is being conducted by the Connecticut State Police.

The exit 2 ramp/entrance to I-84 is now opened after being closed for several hours due to the investigation.

This continues to be a developing story.

Watch Danbury Police Chief Patrick Ridenhour's press conference here:

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