The Department of Public Health passed out fines to six Connecticut nursing homes. One of the violations allegedly resulted in the death of one of the residents.

Connecticut Health I Team, a non-profit dedicated to health and safety issues in the state of Connecticut, reports the following nursing homes incidents that resulted in fines:

  1. St. Camillus Center, Stamford - $6,000 fine. Video footage indicated that a resident with lung cancer was left unattended from 2/15/18 6:26pm through 2/16/18 5:19am. CPR was not attempted until 10 minutes after an LPN allegedly determined the patient did not have a pulse. That resident was brought to the hospital and prounounced dead.
  2. River Glen Health Care Center, Southbury - $3,470 fine for two incidents: The first was on 10/31/2017 when a nurses aide did not use a rolling walker and gait belt when assisting a resident who fell and fractured a femur. The second incident was reported on 5/30/17 when a patient became ill after the wrong medication when a nurse's aide made an error transcribing the patient's prescription.
  3. St. Paul II Center, Danbury - $3,270 - 8/15/17 reports of a broken arm and a head injury. Also, the resident's care plan had not been updated after the patient became weaker requiring more assistance.
  4. Aaron Manor, Chester - $3,060 fine for an incident on 12/16/17 when a resident required surgery for a broken femur. A nurse's aide, who was aware of a resident's care plan which indicated two-person assist when transfering the patient, allegedly moved the patient alone resulting in a fall.
  5. Village Crest Center for Health & Rehabilitation, New Milford - $3,060 fine for an incident on 10/16/17 after a resident needed 6 stitches to close a forehead wound after a fall from a wheelchair that was being pushed by a nurse's aide who allegedly did not use leg rests required in the care plan.
  6. Fairview, Groton - $2,030 fine for abuse by a nurses aide which was not documented completely between 5/25/17 - 6/1/17.

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