Wegman's has a new location in Brooklyn, NY and according to a report in the NY Post, customers waited in hours long lines in the dark and cold ahead of the opening. One woman was even crying, literal tears of joy. Her name is Kimberly Ciaccia, she's 40 years old, a Brooklyn native and she had this to say about the stores arrival:

Whole adult life for this very moment.

It's after she delivered that quote that she became so overwhelmed, she cried. That's a one-liner from space for sure.

Another customer named Mallory Milligan told the Post she marked the Grand Opening date on her calendar a year prior. This is typically where I would start judging both of these ladies, but in this case, I stand with Kim and Mallory. I'm not going to cry or bust out the calendar, but Wegman's gets under your skin in the best possible way.

When my sister Renee lived in Virginia, we'd go visit on vacation and our first stop after hours in the car was to Wegman's. We would not go to her house, get the kids off the road and relax -- no, straight to Wegman's. In my experience, Wegman's is better than any other mega grocery store I've ever been to and it's not close. You can run down the list of local stores in your head. You're actually doing it right now and none are better than Wegman's.

Dig this, the last time we visited my sister, AKA six hours in the car to go to a grocery store, we learned they had a bar IN the Wegman's. It was at this point that we assigned designated drivers, bellied up, had some cocktails and ate cheese. "Are you kidding me right now?" That was my quote that day, the are you kidding me thing. They were not kidding me. Wegman's was "dead ass," bro.

It's time for Danbury, CT to team with Wegman's to improve lives all throughout our local area.

What's the next step? I've been told by people "in the know" that the idea stage is the time to form a committee and establish a sub-committee (to do all the real work).

I name myself committee chair of the "Bring Wegman's to Danbury" campaign. I appoint Mr. Morning to the sub-committee. Whose coming with me?

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