This past Thursday, Governor Lamont announced that Danbury was one of 11 Connecticut cities in the state's coronavirus Red Alert zone, according to an article on the Danbury Patch website. At that time, Lamont informed those towns and cities they could roll back to Phase 2 if they chose.

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The mayor must give state officials a 96-hour heads-up if he's going to move back to phase two. Here's what Boughton said on Thursday:

We're going to wait - we're going to wait through the weekend to see how it goes and where the numbers are over the weekend. But it's not good, right? It's bad. You've got to follow the guidance, you've got to wear your mask.

Mayor Mark with Danbury's New Emergency Management Director, Matt Cassavechia -

I personally spoke with the Mayor late Friday afternoon, and he wasn't happy. He had just found out that Danbury reported 26 new cases of coronavirus. He also informed me that he's still going to hold off on any decision to roll back to Phase 2 until he finds out what the numbers are like over the weekend. He said he would make that announcement no later than Wednesday, October 21.

What does it mean if you live in a 'Red Alert' town? Officials recommend that high-risk people STAY HOME and avoid gatherings with non-family members. Towns are urged to cancel public events, and organized groups should not congregate for indoor activities.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic: