His grandfather was the longest serving member on the Danbury Town Council, now John Esposito III has announced his candidacy for Mayor of the City of Danbury.

Having a history of politics in the family has inspired a third democratic candidate to throw his hat in the ring for the office of Danbury Mayor. John Esposito III was definitely inspired by his grandfather, John Esposito Sr. and told newstimes.com how his relationship with him helped shape his recent decision to run for the office of Mayor.

I got my desire to serve the city from him. It was a desire that many in my family share. There are a lot of Espositos in public service. It really is a labor of love in my family.

With Esposito's announcement, he now joins fellow Democrats Roberto Alves, as well as Sedeaka Lawrence as candidates for Danbury's highest office.

Democratic Town Committee chairwoman Andrea Gartner is thrilled that there are people stepping forward who really care about the city.

The fact that we have people who are really interested in getting engaged in the municipal election like this draws attention to how important the local elections are, I expects the party to be “stronger than ever” at the end of the process. There hasn’t been a Democratic primary for Danbury mayor since the 2001 race that eventually propelled Republican Mark Boughton to the office he held until December.

Right now, there are three Democrats already in the race, and the party would nominate a candidate in July, however with the growing number of those seeking the job as Mayor, others have just two more weeks to get in their paper work in order to qualify to run and petition for a primary which would be held on September 1.

There's no word yet as to whether current Danbury Mayor, and Republican, Joe Cavo will run, he's yet to announce his candidacy.

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