There's always a lot of things happening in the city of Danbury, and every week the Mayor fills us in on what's going on.

This week, Mayor Joe Cavo talks about the latest COVID-19 numbers in the city, the dedication of the new dog kennel, and when you can expect your Christmas tree to be picked up.

We're seeing pretty high COVID-19 numbers in the city over the last week, what do you think is causing the recent spike?

"We have had an uptick over the last week. Between Christmas and New Years, the numbers were pretty good, but there's probably multiple reasons why that was the case. Now that we're past the holidays, we're seeing a rise in those numbers. We had a couple of days where we've had 102, 109, and 107 cases. I say to people all the time that you have to wait a few days to average out the numbers, there's so many factors that influence those numbers. We're watching it, and we're pretty certain that this is just a bump we're seeing from the holidays, and we're hoping to see it tapper off a bit fairly quickly."

I saw you were doing one of your duties as Mayor, cutting the ribbon at the new dog kennel in Danbury.

Yes, absolutely, what an exciting time for the city because it's been such a long time coming. We dedicated the Ellen Levy Animal Control Center on Plumtrees Road, and it's just a fabulous facility for our four legged friends. It has heated concrete floors inside and out, it's climate controlled inside, it's neat, bright, and clean, it's modern, and it has all the things that as a compassionate community it should have. It even has music in there, just put a TV in there too and I'd be all set".

We've been seeing a lot of Christmas trees by the curb, I know the tree pick-up has started. When can people expect their trees to be be picked up?

"The pick-up started on the fourth of January and it will continue until the thirty first. We alternate zip codes, so if you see your tree is still curbside for a week, don't panic, we alternate between the 06810, and the 06811 zip codes each week. We just ask you to put your trees out as close to the curb as you can so we can pick them up. Just make sure there's no decorations on them, they should be bare. The city will be by to pick it up, or you can just bring it to Ferris Mulch, you can drop it off for free there as well."

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