Since the Coronavirus lock down started back in March, we have had Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton on the air talking about how Danbury is dealing with the pandemic.

This week, we switched gears a bit to discuss the protest march scheduled for Wednesday afternoon in Danbury. The mayor is supportive of the protestors' right to protest, and has worked with the organizers and the police on a solid safety plan.

With some protests planned for Danbury this week, how prepared is the city to keep both protesters and citizens safe?

"We have already made sure we are prepared, and our police officers are prepared to look to deescalate situations, not escalate them.

People have a right to express their opinion under the first amendment, and we support that. We can also regulate the time and place that people do have peaceful protests, so we want to be careful that people don't put themselves in harm's way, or that they don't endanger someone else traveling on our roads.

We understand the passion, and the pain that this incident has caused in Minnesota, and throughout the rest of the country. We reject police brutality, and we've taken a very strong action against officers that we believe have violated our use of force policy. That being said, we also have a responsibility to maintain the public good for everybody.

When a peaceful protest evolves into a violent protest where there's looting and vandalism, like we have been seeing around the country, we can't condone that, and we will address that should a peaceful protest escalate.

We are hoping that people can do the best that they can to keep that stuff to a minimum, and anyone who decides to be a part of any protest here in the city, will do it in a peaceful manor.".

So it sounds like you have already sat down and worked out some of this with your staff and with the city's police department, since there is already a protest planned in Danbury.

"Our Police Chief is working diligently on this right now with his command staff, and already have plans in place.

We can't issue a permit or anything like that because we're in the middle of a pandemic and we want people to maintain social distancing, and wear their masks."

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