There's always a lot of things happening in the city of Danbury and every week the Mayor fills us in on what's going on.

This week, Mayor Joe Cavo talks about snow protocol, COVID-19 numbers in Danbury, and what's up with the flashing street lights by the Uncle Sam statue.

Before the next big snow storm hits, what should people be aware of to make the city's job easier when it comes to clearing the roads?

"We ask people to make sure they don't have any cars on the city streets because it makes our plowing very difficult to accomplish. The plows like to go down the street clearly and not have to go around cars, this way you don't get your car plowed in and it makes it better for everyone on your street to have a clean and clear street for people to travel on. It also makes it very safe for our plow drivers, they are out for long hours at a time and the easier we can make it for them to clear the streets, the safer it is for them, and it's a better job they do for the entire city."

So how is Danbury looking this week in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic?

"The numbers appear to be trending downward, which is a fabulous sign. I think it's just proof that the guidelines we have put in place for this entire COVID-19 period, you know, washing your hands, always wear a mask, social distance and avoid crowds is working. With the advent of the vaccine and people following the guidance, we're seeing the numbers trending down and that's what we want, it's good for everybody."

For some reason, the Danbury area and this could be because of your leadership, most people don't seem to have any trouble getting the vaccine unlike other towns and cities in the area.

"We were out early, our Health Department, with the director Kara Prunty has just done a fabulous job of getting out ahead of the whole vaccine roll out, so we've been prepared and people may not know we've been doing vaccines here in Danbury since before Christmas. The only thing that holds us up is the amount of vaccines we get from the state government, who is held up by the amount of vaccines they get from the federal government. Get us the vaccines, we have the ability to dispense them. We're here, we're ready to do it, we want to inoculate our population."

One final thing here Joe, what's going on with the Uncle Sam light show in front of the statue just off White Street?

"I say the same thing everyday, please can we just get the street lights to work properly. I think what's happening is a technology issue, we may have jumped into this LED street light program a little faster then we should have. I'm not sure what the issue is but I do know it's being looked at by lots of people. I talked with our public works director and he assures me that it's being investigated and they are trying to come to a solution. I think it's just a glitch that can happen sometimes, but for everyone who's noticed it, just keep in mind that we are working on a solution."

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