Danbury's first ever San Gennaro Festival is underway, delighting locals and visitors alike.

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Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito has been in attendance each day so far, and told us he intends to keep coming back each day until the event closes Sunday evening.The Mayor joined our sister station on Thursday (9/8/22) and spoke about his high expectations for this event saying: "It's going to be one of the best ever here in the City of Danbury."

The Mayor did share some concerns about the event, particularly on night one of the event when he was asked to participate in moving the traditional statue from St. Peter's Church. The Mayor had this to say:

"We came from St. Peter's Church with that statue, the statue of Saint Gennaro and it was a 100 year old statue. I've got to tell you guys, I was pretty nervous when they were carrying it up the stairs at St. Peter's Church. They actually asked me if I would help them and I said I'm sorry I got a bad back but I fibbed a little bit because I didn't want to touch it. God forbid it broke right? But, it was very, very nice to be able to march down Main Street and honor the Italian heritage and bring it into the San Gennaro Festival."

Later, the Mayor spoke about the significance of this event for the Hat City saying:

"It's a huge event for Downtown Danbury. You know, we've been promoting Downtown, it's the heart of the city and we need to get people down there to see exactly what we have. And, this event is going to bring thousands of people Downtown to see what Danbury is all about. They're going to come from everywhere as you know. I compare it to a mini Big-E, here for us in Danbury."

The San Gennaro Festival is running until late Sunday afternoon (9/11/22) and is located on Ives Street in Danbury. You can find parking at the Patriot Garage, and check the Danbury San Gennaro Facebook page for more parking suggestions. The Ethan and Lou Show will be broadcasting live from 1-5 pm on Saturday right near the Green, just outside Los Rivera Cafe.

You can listen to our download our entire interview with Mayor Esposito below.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

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