There's always a lot of things happening in the City of Danbury and every week the Mayor fills us in on what's going on.

This week, Mayor Joe Cavo talks about the latest COVID-19 numbers in Danbury, Dr. Sal retiring and what's his favorite pizza place in Danbury.

Looks like the COVID-19 numbers continue to drop off a bit in Danbury.

"Danbury's numbers are trending in a positive direction for us. We're seeing them drop now over the last few weeks, but I tell people all the time that when you see daily numbers, just be careful because sometimes reporting, test sites, and gathering the information and getting it into the state on time can lag from place to place. It's hard to look at a single day. I always tell people you should really average them out over a number of different days. You can see by our positivity rate that things are heading in the right direction. We're adding more vaccination sites and getting as many people vaccinated as we can per the states criteria."

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So Danbury Schools have been opened for atleast hybrid learning for almost a month now, but we heard this week that Danbury Superintendent Dr. Sal is retiring.

"Dr. Sal put in a letter of retirement, he's got over 50 years in school systems and he's been in Danbury for over a decade, it's a long time. He's definitely earned a happy, healthy and long retirement. We wish him all the best as he goes on to the next chapter in his life."

I know our sister station has been bugging you about your favorite pizza place in Danbury, and I heard you went out over the weekend and took a picture of yourself in front of every pizza place in the city, is this true?

"Yes, I took a picture of myself in front of every pizza place I could find and I posted them on social media. We're pretty fortunate in Danbury, we have so many options. I know I took pictures in front of 34 different places and I know I may have missed a few, but that wasn't intentional. I just looked online to see who served pizza in the city, then I went around and took the pictures to show that they are all my favorite."

Danbury Mayor Reveals His Favorite Pizza Place


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