We are a little more than halfway through the month of March, and already some local Greater Danbury residents have scored big wins in the Connecticut Lottery.

It's been another good month so far for some local Connecticut Lottery players. Within the last month, Danbury has had some pretty big lottery winners.

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Just this week a Danbury man bought a "Super 10's" lottery ticket at the Stop and Shop on Lake Avenue, and when the numbers were selected Jeffery Richards was $25,000 dollars richer.

Richards was not the only lucky local winner during the month of March. On March 15, Margery Booth of Sandy Hook picked up a 10x's cash 15th edition ticket at the Newtown Mobile and was the winner of $10,000 dollars.

On March 11, Bernard Barabas of Danbury picked up his 30x's Cash 9th Edition ticket at the Shell station on Lake Avenue and put $30,000 dollars in his pocket.

At the end of February, a New Fairfield resident picked up a "Play 4 Day" ticket at New Fairfield Mobil and won $20,832 dollars, Graciela Rojas Amon of Bethel stopped into Bethel Food Market, bought a $100,000 Cash Word II ticket and was the winner of $10,000 dollars, and Michael Marques of Danbury played some KENO, and wound up winning $10,000 dollars.

So just what's the moral of this story? I guess if you're a lottery player, then you owe it to yourself to pick up some tickets at one of the many places in Danbury. Who knows, with the way things have been going over the last month, there's a good chance you could be the next big cash winner.

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