Just like you, I've been scratching Connecticut Lottery tickets for years, and I've won $2, $5, $20, $50, and even a couple of $100 winners in my lifetime. I've never hit the big cash winners though, and I've only known a couple of people that have hit $1,000 and over. The Connecticut Lottery keeps a running list of the bigger winners of $10,000 or more at CTLOTTERY.ORGand yesterday, August 5, 2020, a Danbury man made his way across our tropical storm-damaged state and claimed a nice winner.

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Narciso Rodriguez of Danbury won $25,000 off of a Connecticut Lottery Cashword 27 scratch off ticket that he bought from the Spring Market at 11 Spring Street in Danbury. It was a great investment, the ticket only cost $3. Rodriguez won the the last remaining grand prize in the game by uncovering 10 winning word matches. In all, 21 $25,000 winning tickets were sold for Cashword 27. There were still 71 $1,000 winning tickets out there in circulation around the state, but the Connecticut Lottery has officially ended Cashword 27 as of 8/4/2020, after Rodriguez claimed the last grand prize.


It must be such a wonderful feeling to win an average person's yearly salary in 30 seconds. It's that thrill of the chase that keeps me spending $5-10 bucks every time I gas up my vehicle. I'd finally be able to buy that sweet Generac generator, like most of the poor people in our area without power right now. Congratulations Mr. Rodriguez, I hope that you can use some of that sweet cash to fan yourself in this heat.

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