Life isn't easy. Forgive me for being so blunt, but we all know that the older we get, the more we realize that life has a way of kicking you right in the ass. Because of its taboo, mental illness many times goes untreated, which can escalate into extreme situations. It is not shameful to seek help, and it can be disastrous when it is ignored.

It was a very scary scene Wednesday morning (March 28) when an ambulance was sent to a home in Danbury at aboutn 10:30 AM, according to a press release from the Danbury PD. Police say a man was attempting suicide, and as emergency personnel tried to diffuse the situation, the man reportedly turned aggressive towards them. When officers arrived the situation escalated even further, the man allegedly became even more violent, and threatened to kill anyone entering his house.

Crisis negotiators from the Emergency Services Unit were then called in and tried to convince the man to surrender so they could help him. Although they had contained the man inside of the house, he managed to escape out of the back door. As he yelled that he wanted to die, he allegedly threw a large knife at two officers who had been talking to him through an open window, and then reportedly tried to attack them with a wooden club. The responding officers say they then had to resort to tasers and physical force to restrain the man.

Once he was under control, he was transported to Danbury Hospital for treatment of an eye injury that he sustained during the incident and also for a mental evaluation. He remains hospitalized, and no further police action has yet been reported.

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