Home Depot has come up with a brand new way for customers to save time shopping and making purchases. It could be coming to our Danbury store location before Christmas 2018. According to USA Today, with this new system you wouldn't have to search the store for anything at all (whew!).

First you look to find the items you want online on their website. You would then order and pay for them on the website. Following that you'd head right to a storage locker in front of the Home Depot of your choice at a pick up area and get them with some sort of code to unlock a designated locker where you'd retrieve your items.

The possiblity exists that customers could even get items after hours, which sounds amazing to me. The difficulty for retailers increases every day it seems, but with ideas like this they may be able to maintain customer traffic in their stores. I think the first store in our area to implement this new system would likely be the one on 114 Federal Road in Danbury because it's such a super busy location.

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