In the beginning of the pandemic, Danbury was one of the cities that was considered a "hot spot" with a lot of cases. In fact, Danbury Hospital was one of the first to see a case in Connecticut.

Over this past weekend, the City of Danbury can officially say that no new cases were reported - for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mayor Mark Boughton took to Facebook and said:

According to The Middleton Press, Mayor Mark Boughton said the total number of cases has stayed at 1,970 since Thursday, when one additional resident tested positive. The number of deaths have remained at 123 since June 6. Boughton continued to say "I tip my hat to Danbury residents who have followed the directions and the guidance to a T, so it's good to see."

Connecticut still continues to have a specific state travel quarantine, and will continue to do so in hopes that cases will stay as low as possible. Since the nation continues to spike, we can only hope that Connecticut will keep doing everything they're doing to keep our numbers down. So far, Danbury is doing a great job in just that.

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