How does $1,000 and free rounds of golf for the rest of the year sound? That's what is being offered to catch the culprit of vandalism at a popular course in Danbury.

According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, Richter Park Golf Course was vandalized multiple times between Sunday (August 5) and Monday (August 6).

The grounds crew at Richter Park reportedly spent more than four hours repairing the green near the 13th hole on Monday morning after what appeared to be tire marks and deep circles from a golf cart were cut into the green on Sunday night. But, that was just the beginning. On Monday night, more damage was done on the fairways at 11th, 12th, and 14th holes.

Robert Dorsch, Course Superintendent of Richter Park says that he hasn't seen this type of intentional damage in more than 20 years. Dorsch says the damage is estimated at $3,000 plus lost revenue because parts of Richter Park Golf Course was closed off while the course had to be repaired. Richter Park is offering the $1,000 and free golf reward in an effort to help police in their investigation.

If you or anyone know has information regarding the vandalism, please contact the Danbury Police Department Detective Bureau at 203-797-4662.

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