With gas prices escalating almost daily, it's hard to keep track where the cheapest places to gas up in the area are.

So kind of like a public service, we're putting these locations out for you weekly so you can see where the cheapest gas prices are in the area.

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As of last Wednesday, we set a new all-time record for the highest gas prices ever in Danbury, and as of Sunday (March 13), the average price of a gallon of gas in Connecticut is $4.47 which is up about a nickel since last week, and according to the Automobile Club of America, up over 86 cents from where it was about one month ago.

If you commute to anywhere in Fairfield County, you're going to pay even more than in the Danbury area. The average price for a gallon of gas in most of those towns is around $4.53.

You can get better deals in the Danbury area. According to gasbuddy.com, here are the 10 cheapest places to currently get gas as of today (March 14):


  1. BJ's- Federal Road in Brookfield $4.23
  2. Gulf- Main Street in Danbury $4.25
  3. Citgo- Main Street in Danbury $4.25
  4. Sinclair- White Street in Danbury $4.27
  5. Orbit Fuel- Lake Ave in Danbury $4.28
  6. Global- 108 Newtown Road in Danbury $4.29
  7. Global- 110 Newtown Road in Danbury $4.29
  8. Sunoco- North Street in Danbury $4.29
  9. Shell- South Street in Danbury $4.29
  10. Citgo- Main Street in Danbury $4.29

Just keep in mind that these prices can change daily, and may not be the same price when you hit the pump.

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