Complete crisis was averted in the Hat City early Friday morning thanks to the quick work of both Danbury's Bravest and Danbury's Finest before things elevated to the next level.

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According to the Danbury Fire Department, an observant city police patrol unit happened to notice some black smoke billowing in the area of Old Newtown Road in the early morning hours on Friday (January 29). After a quick survey of the area, the police unit determined that a box truck belonging to Berkshire Food Distribution had caught fire.

From there, the police patrol unit immediately notified the fire department, advising them that the truck was parked very close to other box trucks, which could be potential means for the blaze to spread.

Within minutes, crews from multiple Danbury fire companies were on the scene, making haste to knock down the active blaze. In a very short period of time following their arrival, Danbury's Bravest gain control of the fire, with no additional damage being caused to any of the surrounding vehicles. No injuries were reported and the city's fire marshal is currently investigating the cause of the fire, which has not yet been determined as of this writing.

On a personal, somewhat selfish note, I can speak for all of us here at the radio station when I say that, as always, we are wildly grateful to our great city's first responders, as Berkshire Food Distributors supply both of our vending machines. I can't begin to tell you how catastrophic it would be if this morning's box truck fire affected any of our employees' ability to chomp down on some trail mix while enjoying a Diet Coke and a smile before hitting the airwaves and internet with the local content that you have grown to love.

Just another job well done by the heroes of the Hat City. Thanks for saving our snacks.

Here's a look at some photos from the scene courtesy of the Danbury Fire Department:

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