A Danbury couple named Devon Kemp McCormick and Michael McCormick have taken and old piece of furniture and turned it into a one stop shop for those in need. The McCormick's homemade food pantry is located at 33 Golden Hill Rd in Danbury, CT.

Passersbys can leave a donation and those who have a need can take from the pantry. She asks that canned items be places on the top three shelves and the boxed items go in the cupboard.

Devon Kemp McCormick

We asked the McCormicks what inspired this kind act and this is what Devon had to say:

"We were honestly inspired to do this by other people - my sister in law saw a similar food pantry in Hartford and shared it with us, so we decided to do our own. Doing a small food pantry just seemed like a no-brainer to us, especially during the pandemic. We really just wanted to do it during the holidays because we knew people would be needing food and support while their children were home for the holidays, but it has gone so well that we've decided to keep it up for as long as it's used."

Devon Kemp McCormick

Since putting the pantry in place, they have witnessed great acts of kindness. Devon says the support has not only come from residents of the Hat City but far and wide.

"The outpouring of support from the community has been absolutely beautiful. Literally every day someone is dropping off or reaching out to support in some way. We've even had donations all the way from Texas, Colorado, and Florida!  We just feel so lucky to live in a community that holds one another up and supports each other when the going gets tough. Danbury has been a huge gift to our family, and we are just so happy that we are able to give back in some way!"

Devon Kemp McCormick

We are experiencing a time of great division in this country and the way back is humanity, generosity and leadership. What Michael and Devon are doing in Danbury is a wonderful example of those qualities and it can inspire us all.

Thank you to the McCormick's for doing this to benefit our neighbors. We also thank them for allowing us to publish their address so you can find the pantry. Again, if you are able to leave a donation, you can do so at 33 Golden Hill Road, Danbury, CT.

P.S. The pantry owners have asked me to ask you to observe the following guidelines:

  • All canned/boxed food and toiletries accepted
  • No used products, please
  • Household items such as toothpaste/brushes, deodorants, shampoo, etc. are welcome, but MUST be unused
  • Treat the pantry with love and care
Devon Kemp McCormick
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